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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vote Now: Madville Times Polls Secretary of State Race

The candidates for South Dakota Secretary of State are in the news: let's poll! The latest Madville Times poll asks you, eager readers, whom you want running your statewide elections, supervising corporate filings, and coming up with cool Web apps for voter enlightenment. Your choices:
  • Constitution Party candidate Lori Stacey (though note: if Stacey's supporters are anything like her, they'll cast their votes, then retract them and deny they ever voted)
  • Republican candidate Jason Gant, who skipped a debate scheduled for last week Thursday and then, according to Mr. Dahle at Badlands Blue, tweeted what may rise to the level of scandalous misrepresentation about his absence.
  • Democratic candidate Ben Nesselhuf, about whom I can't really say anything silly, because Nesselhuf hasn't done anything silly on the campaign trail.
Poll is open in the right sidebar until breakfast time Wednesday morning. Tell your friends, and vote now!

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