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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maybe Noem Should Stay on That Horse...

Here's why nearly every Kristi Noem ad shows her with her horse. It's not just to imprint the cowgirl image. It's to keep us from thinking about what she's like when she puts down the reins and gets behind the wheel:

Oof. I told you, Kristi, those words would only make you look worse.

Mr. Woster expresses surprise that this reminder of Noem's unseemly court record would come straight from Team Stephanie. Previously, Herseth Sandlin has been able to rely on folksy feel-good ads. But this time, against a well-funded challenger, Herseth Sandlin is showing she's not just a pretty face. She's a fighter. And as a bonus, she knows she doesn't have to fight dirty. She can take Noem down with Noem's own words, Noem's own empty talking points, and Noem's own unreadiness for Congress.

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