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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

South Dakota Legislature: No Good News for Dems

SD Legislature Election results 20102011–2012 South Dakota Legislature, party composition (unofficial results, 2010.11.02) Click image to enlarge
Some vote notes on what happened in the South Dakota Legislature:
  1. With Democrats Sandy Jerstad, Nancy Turbak Berry, and Gerald Lange booted by the voters from the Legislature, what's Dakota War College have left to blog about?
  2. I guess there's still Frank Kloucek, still representing District 19. Kolaches will ride again... and maybe a little scrutiny of Monsanto-controlled SDSU?
  3. But at least Turbak Berry got beat by Ried Holien, an old debate guy! Let's hear some good speeches, Ried!
  4. Other incumbents who lost: Sen. Dan Ahlers from Dell Rapids, Rep. Oran Sorenson from Garretson, Rep. Quentin Burg from Wessington Springs, Rep. Matha Vanderlinde from Sioux Falls, Sen. Pam Merchant from Brookings, and Rep. Gerald Lange from Madison... all Democrats. Not one Republican incumbent in the Legislature lost.
  5. If I'm counting right, the State Senate now has 29 Republicans and 6 Democrats. Dems lose 4. The Democratic caucus could carpool... in one car.
  6. My count shows the State House with 51 Republicans and 19 Democrats. Dems lose 5.
  7. Blogger and Pastor Steve Hickey wins District 9 House. Steve, I'll expect vociferous opposition to any new Blog Control Acts.
  8. Blogger Steve Sibson does not win District 20 House. I was going to suggest that Sibby needs to put down World Net Daily and talk about things actually happening in South Dakota... but last night's results up and down the board make clear South Dakotans are not voting on policy.
  9. Even without Sibby, the yahoo caucus made great gains. Expect Rep. Rev. Hickey to carpool with Reps. Jenna Haggar and Brian Liss from Sioux Falls. Get ready for Don Kopp to make climate change denial law as he originally wanted.


  1. None of the state-level election results surprised me, except the margin by which Daugaard defeated Heidepriem (it exceeded my expectations).

  2. There's no good news for this country. We had nearly impotent leadership, and now? Don't tell me anyone admires John Boehner or Harry Reid who assure us of a stalemate between no ideas and a complete absence of passion. How Soused Up Carrot Skin and Mr. Bla rose to the top is a mystery.

  3. Sandy Jerstad moved the last effort to do something about usury in SD. I had called a few weeks back and didn't get a reply - I imagine it was not a subject that she wanted to dive into on the campaign trail.

    I don't imagine that the current trend favors a look at the usury issue... although as you've pointed out Steve Hickey can break the mold on some issues.

    My sense is that "preserving these entrepreneurial efforts like payday lenders" will trump any effort at correction. But noise is always worth making on this.

  4. Stan, I can work up a little surprise over Dems losing so much in the Legislature. I had the impression the state party was better organized, doing more focused doo-knocking and calling than ever before. Might SHS's Blue-Doggery have deflated the fundraising and volunteer enthusiasm among the necessary base?

    John, I'm having trouble seeing any route out of gridlock. The GOP doesn't want to work with the other side. Noem certianly doesn't; she couldn't even cooperate with the Dems long enough on election night to let SHS finish her concession speech before interupting her with her own Ice Queen coronation speech (as stuck to the script as any speech President Obama reads from the teleprompter, but the conservative bloggasariat won't go there, will they?).

    Tim, if ever there were a time to push against usury, maybe now is it. It will have to come from Republicans, and men like Hickey may be able to bring moral conscience to bear. They can say, "Hey! Fighting usury isn't just some crazy liberal crusade; it's something we conservatives can get behind, too." If conservatives lead that conversation, there's hope. Let's see that push! And I agree: some noise is always worth making.


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