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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain and Palin Disagree on Wright Tactics -- WWJD?

It's church night for the kids. Let's make a teachable moment out of the election:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and several top campaign officials see a sharp attack on Wright as the best — and perhaps last — chance to rattle Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill. ) and force voters to rethink their support of him. But McCain continues to overrule them, fearing a Wright attack would smack of desperation and racism, the officials said [Mike Allen, "McCain, Advisers Divided over Wright," Politico.com, 2008.10.15].

I find it ironic that it's Sarah Palin, the overtly Christian candidate with all the Focus on the Family cred, who wants to go for the personal attacks, while it's John McCain, a scriptural novice who keeps his religion quiet and is an "indifferent churchgoer," who has the honor to resist at least a little of the win-at-all-costs strategy.



  1. Why does race come into the picture if they attack Obama's choice of religious upbringing? Personally, I think it would be a slippery slope to follow because we honor freedom of religious choice, but on the other hand, Rev. Wright has proven to be very radical and inflamatory in his teachings and sermons. Sometimes I feel he has used Obama as a springboard for his pulpit and purposely gives antagonistic sermons knowing it will bring attention to his ministry. Who knows.

  2. McCain should attack the dirtbags who have derailed our economy. The heck with Wright.

    Go after the rhino in the rec room, John, not the fly in the foyer! It's your only hope.

  3. Christopher Buckley decided to support B. Obama. Had to say goodbye to National Review.


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