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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Citizen Activism Afoot! Dog Lovers Rallying on Fence Ordinance

..oh, those darn community organizers...

Promoted from the comment section at the Madville Times:

Julie Lavin, of Almost Home Canine Rescue is coordinating a group to attend Monday night's meeting on November 10th at 5:30. If you are concerned or have a fence that would be affected, please contact Julie at jlavin6@sio.midco.net and make sure you contact your City Commissioners, Dick Ericsson, Karen Lembcke, Dan Bohl, Scott Delzer and Mayor Gene Hexom to express your thoughts prior to Monday night's meeting at City Hall.

Now that's the kind of citizen participation I like to see! Remember, the squeaky wheels get the grease (or is it the squeaky pups that get the Alpo?). But please, leash up your pooches outside the City Commission room....

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