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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fungus, Baby, Fungus! Possible Biofuel Breakthrough from Rainforest Microbe

Biofuel boosters, meet your newest friend: Gliocladium roseum, a rainforest fungus that "makes biofuel more efficiently than any other known method." Professor Gary Strobel of Montana State University says this little fungus from Patagonia can eat cellulose (no easy feat—you try lunching on cornstalk) and turn it into myco-diesel—i.e., hydrocarbons that can help us go zoom-zoom.

File that under "Why Really Smart People Are Good for America."


  1. If they're breaking down cellulose, they're probably producing carbon dioxide. That's not going to be GOOD enough for an Obama Administration.

    Sorry, Cory!

  2. If they're breaking down corn, they're probably not going to be good enough for a McCain Administration.

    Sorry, Mike!

  3. Is that because of the inefficiency of the fuel, the reduction of a food source or the way it damages vehicles?

  4. becuase it doesn't support big oil and the menality of dril baby drill!

  5. News flash! We have cars on the road that need oil for many years to come. Obama doesn't seem to care. No drilling in his administration. So will be more dependence on foreign oil, more money out of our country. And with the gas prices now much lower than he thinks we deserve (his earlier words, not mine), is he going to raise the gas tax to get the price up where he thinks it should be?

    Would be wonderful if fungus or switchgrass or something else could be substituted for oil, but that is far off. Right now our country depends on oil, and there is just no getting around that. We need to be using our own resources, but that won't happen now. Lovely.

    Of course, we could join the Amish and go with horses. Seems to work fine for them, and very "green." Actually, that would work right in with Obama's "change" message!

  6. News flash: I've got two cars in my driveway and live five miles out of town. I'm as dependent on my car as anyone else. But I still passionately support immediate measures to cut our use of oil and develop alternatives, like this super fungus-diesel! $4-per-gallon gas hurt, but it made Americans get serious about conservation. Do your part: quit whining about Obama and use less energy NOW.


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