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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Madison City Commission Race: Cast Your Online Vote!

From a casual drive through Madison, you wouldn't know there's a city commission election going on. No signs yet (at least not on my route to campus), no scandal, not even crabby letters to the editor!

But the election's coming on April 14, so let's hear it, neighbors: whom do you want at the helm of our mighty municipality? Check your favorites, one or two, in the Madville Times poll (see the right sidebar), then tell us whom you like here in the comment section. I'll run this poll through next Monday, and post the results of the big candidates forum at MHS next Tuesday.

1 comment:

  1. Karen Lembcke has done an excellent job and deserves another term. After all, she has more experience than any of the commissioners currently serving. Perhaps a younger member such as Abraham. We certainly don't need to roll back to the stagnant era of Myron Downs and company.


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