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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whoo-Hoo! Number 2!

By the way, some personal horntooting: over at KELOLand.com, where the Madville Times also appears in all its gaudy, sensationalistic glory, we just got our blog stats for March. The estimable Mr. Epp's South Dakota Watch remains the king of the heap, pulling in over 200K views last month. However, after a slow winter, the KELO edition of the Madville Times has surged into second place, drawing 67K views in March (and, for the first time, just barely edging out the brainy Dr. Blanchard). Uff da! That's like everyone in Madison going there ten times! (Yes, I'm quite happy in my small pond.)

Those of you who find the Madville Times to be full of Number 2 should be pleased. :-)

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