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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Palin Worsens Recession...

...by increasing Alaska's unemployment numbers... by one.

Sarah Palin further demonstrates her irrationality today by quitting a good job in the middle of a recession. But as Citizen Palin throws her "I'm quitting—aren't I wonderful?" picnics, her consummated abdication and unemployment put me in a top-tenny mood. So...

Top Ten Relevant Observations on Sarah Palin's Unemployment

It's possible she's going John Galt on us (that would be as good of a self-aggrandizing rationalization as any of the other hogwash we've heard from the outgoing governor). While I'm not convinced Ayn Rand would welcome Sarah Palin to her society, perhaps we all would benefit if Palin retreated to some secret mountain valley hidden by a Romulan cloaking device... or maybe just a deserted bus in the woods.

For a woman trained in snappy dressing, the best outfit she can come up with for one of her last big public events as an elected official is a New England Patriots sweatshirt?No Alaska gear available? Nothing to celebrate Alaska's own celebrated sporting history? Come on! Fly the Alaska colors!

"Palin plans to continue speaking her mind on the social networking site Twitter." Twitter... the perfect medium for a celebrity who can't enunciate any coherent statement longer than 140 characters.

...and even on Twitter, she can't come up with anything more original than a quote from cliché country music.

Of course, she'll need more than 140 characters to explain her full flip-flop on limiting carbon emissions. Oh, but let's try: I'm going to make my living now making speeches, and cap-and-trade would unfairly limit my personal carbon emissions.... 117 characters!

Propaganda from Palin camp I actually believe: "I cannot express enough there is no plan after July 26. There is absolutely no plan." Perfectly consistent: she's been winging it from the start, counting on emotion and image rather than serious policy or responsible governance.

To know her is to love her? Not in the blog world: a majority of the Alaska blogosphere was "antagonistic" toward Palin. The draft Palin movement started with an out-of-state blogger; one of her current major online defense efforts, Conservatives4Palin.com, is led by, among others, a Hollywood screenwriter.

The header image at Conservatives4Palin.com is quite appropriate:
Sarah Palin—Turning Her Back on You!

In her waning weeks, Palin vetoed $28.56 million in federal stimulus dollars for energy efficiency and weatherization, and justified her veto on false grounds. Now that she's gone, Alaska legislators plan to reconvene to overturn that veto and get some money for weatherstripping in a state that can use it more than any other.


But maybe Palin's unemployment will actually help the economy. She's out of a job... but she'll surely keep a whole team of ghostwriters in business trying to turn her patterings into something publishable.

[21:15 CDT]...and now she's just another voice on Web 2.0, no more important or newsworthy than a blogger who can see Madison, South Dakota, across the lake from his house.


  1. As an ex-Republican turned Independent, I can't get excited about Sarah Palin.

    If I were a Democrat, I'd worry about Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Tim Pawlenty.

    If Republicans want a female candidate, how about Linda Lingle?

  2. Governor of Hawaii—are you sure she was born in the USA? ;-)

    Actually an interesting suggestino, Stan. She has a record of building Republican strength in a state where Dems are strong, drawing young people to the party... just what the GOP could use to fight Obama's strengths. Plus she seems a lot more interested in governing and sticking with the job than Citizen Palin. Could she play nationally?


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