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Thursday, October 1, 2009

MSM Covers New Tea Party Mansion Candidate, Ignores Wasson

Thad who?

That's what KELO is saying tonight, after running the AP story announcing the U.S. House candidacy of Republican Dr. R. Blake Curd, frequent Tea Party guest and perhaps the richest man currently running for anything in South Dakota.

Interestingly, KELO makes a glaring omission in its list of Curd's potential opponents:

Other Republicans who have expressed interest in a House race include Secretary of State Chris Nelson and state Rep. Shantel Krebs of Renner ["State Rep. Blake Curd Running for U.S. House," AP via KELOLand.com, 2009.10.01].

Wait a minute: Where's Thad Wasson, until now the only declared Republican in the race? He's been in since July. PP broke the story himself and cross-posted immediately on KELOLand.com. Everybody in the blogosphere knows he's running. Well, almost everyone: Bob Mercer, who is living between worlds as reporter and new blogger, doesn't appear to have gotten the Wasson memo.

But KELO, premier professional news outlet, doesn't mention Wasson. What gives?

The Mitchell Daily Republic has the good sense to list Wasson the declared candidate first, before descending into the list of those still sitting on the pot.

As I mentioned to Mr. Wasson earlier this evening, I'm not switching parties to vote for him... although if he keeps saying good things about solar panels and bike paths,... well, anything is possible. But regardless of who'll get my vote next year, if you're going to cover politics, objective journalism obliges you to give an accurate description of the race as it stands. And right now, the GOP House nomination is a two-man race between Wasson and Curd.

Update 09:24 CDT: KELO fixes the error, without apology or acknowledgment, as it runs AP's morning update on Chris Nelson's entrance into the race.


  1. You can bet that a non-psychopathic Republican will be tempting for most real Democrats.

    I mean, if you are going to have a Republican Rep, which not have one that isn't living in denial about it?

    What I don't get is the Repubs that rant about the "left-wing" Rep HS. Oh, please....

  2. Send me that link, Curtis!

    Eventually, Dems will figure out that compromising and tacking right doesn't work. We compromise down to a public option, and the GOP says public option is too much government. We compromise away the public option to coops or the trigger, and the GOP says those things are just like the public option and will lead to socialism. SHS does the insurers' and bankers' bidding, and the GOP trots out the same old left-wing Pelosi rhetoric. If we're going to be branded left-wingers, we might as well be left-wingers!


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