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Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Let's Fix a Deer": Neighbor Recommends Christmas Light Tool

Fellow Lake County blogger and DSU guy John Nelson recommends the LightKeeper Pro Christmas light repair tool. It sounds like typical infomercial junk-drawer filler, but John says it works! The coolest selling point for me: the storage compartments in the handle for spare bulbs and fuses. That, and the found-phrase near-haiku provided by the seven-minute sales video:

Let's fix a deer
—technology can be really neat—
and get on with Christmas.

Armchair electricians, feel free to weigh in with your technical evaluations!


  1. Let me know if you want to try it! It's a little more pricey than I thought, but since we leave the lights on the artificial tree, fixing them is WAY easier than putting on a new string.

  2. umm... storage compartment in a handheld? I have sour cream tubs of spare lights and fuses. I started leaving the lights on the tree too. That selling point would get me more motivated as a buyer.


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