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Sunday, December 6, 2009

South Dakota's Dunn, Operation Free Vets Invade Copenhagen

Want climate change legislation done right? Send in the United States military... or at least the veterans representing Operation Free! USD's Volante reports that South Dakota Army National Guard veteran Leighann Dunn is traveling to the big climate conference in Copenhagen to make the case for stronger action on climate change and energy policy. A press release from Repower South Dakota noets that Dunn will be one of a dozen Operation Free veterans in Copenhagen raising awareness of the national security implications of climate change.

Folks interested in finding out more can put on their press hats and attend a press conference in Sioux Falls Monday, 11 a.m., at 335 N. main, Suite 200 (above Evan Photography).

The press release also includes this useful bio of Leighann Dunn:

Leighann Dunn is a 9-year veteran of the S.D. Army National Guard. She served in Iraq in 2003-2004 as a Bridge Engineer and served in Suriname South America as an electrician in 2008. Dunn has a B.S. in Communication Disorders from the University of South Dakota (USD) and is currently working on her Master's degree in Multicatagorical Special Education with an emphasis in Behavior Disorders and Autism. Dunn is the current President of the Veterans Club at USD, South Dakota team Captain of VoteVets and a disabled Veteran. She was recently named one of ten Outstanding Young South Dakotans in 2009. She also was one of three national recipients of a outstanding female veteran scholarship in 2009.

Communication Disorders... hmmm... maybe she can figure out what's wrong with Sibby and Bob Ellis, who seem to suffer a strange form of Tourette's Syndrome: in the middle of every other sentence, they suddenly blurt out paragraphs from WorldNetDaily.


  1. It's called love of freedom and love of country (for what it is, not for the socialist cesspool you think you can remake it into), dedication to the sovereignty of our nation, and independence from government interference.

    You know, the kind of things our founders put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line to protect.

    The kind of things that are obviously light-years beyond your ability to grasp or appreciate.

  2. Amazingly, Bob keeps missing the point, that veterans like LeighAnn Dunn hold dear exactly those values of freedom, love of country, sovereignty, and everything else the founding fathers held dear. Those values motivate them to work for a better, cleaner, safer future where we don't depend on fossil fuels.

    [Bob calls it a cesspool; I call it a land where we take responsibility for our actions and take care of our neighbors. WWJD?]

  3. Steve Sibson12/06/2009 8:47 PM


    These Vets are falling for the Global Warming lies. We import way more stuff than oil from foreign coutries. Have you checked out the trade deficit stats lately?

    Another fact..,it is the same global warming environmental activist liars who won't let us drill or use coal that are American made.

    Another fact, if the radical progressivers have their way, America will be using expensive forms of energy, while China and India uses the cheap oil from the Middle East. Want to watch the trade deficit stats under that scenario Cory?

    These Green Vets are set up to promote the destruction of America. If they love this country, like you say Cory, they need to understand truth.

  4. Cory,

    Being a veteran does not give you some speacial inner ability to see things clearer.

    Being a veteran does not give you some special badge of patriotism.

    Veterans and their status as veterans have been used for political purposes for many years by both sides of the political spectrum.

    I know veterans who believe the world is warming and I know veterans who believe it is not.

    I know active duty military who believe the world is warmining and active duty who do not believe it is warming.

    Soldiers and veterans are like everybody else, they all have their own opinions, and just because they carry that "special status" it makes them no more right or wrong than anyone else.

    I personally question the character of some one who believes that their veterans status gives them some special knowledge, status or ability to speak on a subject unrelated to their military service.

    Joseph G Thompson

  5. That includes John McCain, right?

  6. Actually, I think LeighAnn Dunn is speaking on an issue where she has some experience. She has served in Iraq and in Suriname. She understands the dangers of overseas deployments. She's read the threat assessments from the Pentagon that. She's just saying we ought to green like the Pentagon. Doesn't sound like political games to me.

  7. Cory,

    Does she know anything about importing jobs to China and India?

  8. Cory,

    I also remember that in the mid 70's the government was warning us of the coming ice age. A threat assessment was done for that too.

    The Pentagon does lots of threat assessments, it's their job.

    Bet they got one for UFO's too.

    Joseph G Thompson

  9. Operation Free has invaded The Post too! Check out the story here: http://thepostsd.com/2010/02/22/veterans-advocating-for-renewable-energy/


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