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Friday, January 15, 2010

ThePostSD.com "Story Co-op" -- Media Socialism or Deep Community?

I like The Post. In just four months, they've done some good journalism and lots of good local stories, some better than what you get from the big "local" media. Yeah, yeah, they've given me some free press... but they've given equal time to Big Ag propagandist Troy Hadrick: how's that for diversity?

I also like The Post because, like any good start-up, they are ready to change and innovate. Editor-in-Chief Heather Mangan is announcing changes that will allow more interaction between readers and writers. More interaction? Heck sounds to me like their "story co-op" concept can break down barriers and make readers and writers one and the same:

Motivating the idea of a "story co-op" is The Post's passionate sense of place. They are all about South Dakota, and they want to be the forum for sharing South Dakota's stories. Listen to what publisher Scott D. Meyer says about how The Post is about bringing South Dakotans together:

Cooperative model... creating a product that none of us can create on our own... my wingnut neighbors ought to be alarmed that online journalists like the folks at The Post are sneaking socialist ideals into God's Country. The corporate media should be more alarmed that maybe The Post—as well as the greater South Dakota Blogosphere—is doing what KSFY only pretends to when it chirps "For You!" between Breaking Action News Alerts!!!

p.s.: South Dakota's a crazy place—you ain't kiddin' there, brother Scott! Keep dreaming!


  1. We're excited to blur the line between reader and writer and invite anyone to contact us with ideas or inspiration. Our doors are open to new contributors in any form. news@thepostsd.com

    Long live the (journalistic) revolution.

  2. We have officially launched the co-op. I hope you'll come check it out: http://thepostsd.com/


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