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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tea Party Fails to Fight Patriot Act

Great Plains Observer is right: the Tea Party's silence over the PATRIOT Act shows that rabble has no credibility when it comes to standing against unconstitutional government power. (The Democrats' acceptance of Bush fascism on this issue is cause for shame, too.) President Barack Obama has signed an extension of warrantless searches and other violations of the Fourth Amendment. But the Glenn Beck watchers—not even useful idiots—just keep bleating twisted and absurd arguments about how we need to nullify federal laws on guns and health care.

I guess we have two Patriot Acts: the unconstitutional police-state law President Obama lacks the guts to kill, and the substanceless political play-acting folks like Citizens for Liberty and R. Blake Curd like to stage.

A related note: the Black Hills Tea Partiers thought they had a great way to fight big government at the county level with House Bills 1087 and 1250. Actually, I think they were just trying to get out of paying to clean up their own poop. Both bills failed... and the Black Hills Tea Partiers failed to do or say anything about HB 1082, a measure that genuinely expands government power by allowing counties to fingerprint and background check all job applicants. Typical Tea Party: so lost in their own rhetoric, they fail to understand or respond to real policy.


  1. Cory,

    Keep preaching truth to power. We can have the alleged Patriot Act or we can have a democratic republic, but we can't have both. I'm sorry that both parties can't see that fact or are opting for security at the price of freedom.


  2. It isn't fair to condemn people for being inconsistent when they don't say or do anything about one bill. I would be shocked if I didn't discover nuggets of idiocy and abuse being brought to the floor here in Nebraska. Even when citizens wake up and become an active part of decisions on policy they aren't going to speak out on everything or often even be aware of it.
    That being said I don't see why anyone would have a problem with ANY employer doing a background check on willing applicants. If you have a problem with it...don't apply.

  3. Roger, I think condemning people for inconsistency is perfectly fair. It challenges people to make sure they mean what they say and live out the values they profess. It challenges legislators and citizens alike to pay attention to legislation and be vigilant against laws inimical to the republic or the constitution.


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