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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John McCain Highlights Tea Bag Nuttery

Teabaggers are a motley lot. The very Brownian movement includes a lot of people bouncing around in their own world of conspiracy theories (though some organizers are getting smarter and booting freakshow artists like Orly Taitz), half-digested Austrian economics, Christian persecution complex, ill-informed economic angst, and just plain old rage and hatred, if not outright racism. Out of these varied motivations, the Teabaggers have yet to prioritize a civil and productive discussion of policy. For the most part, they are content to ape the hyperbolic patriotic slogans and silly insults shoveled to them by clever Astroturfers and sales-driven entertainers.

Teabaggers just aren't focused on practical policy. But don't take my word for it. Take John McCain's (hat tip to PP):

I'll admit, I'm bothered at the apparent trend toward political ads that look like SNL spoofs. But McCain simply does here what Jon Stewart does so well: using the candidate's own words to show the candidate's lack of focus on real problems.


  1. Interesting ,Orly Taitz is booted in favor of mainstream GOP candidates. There is this piece from Politico about a republican PAC involved with the Tea party express from the start.


    Scott Brown is keeping his distance from the Tea party because he doesn't want to be linked to the crazies in the group


    Looks like it is time for the GOP to take control of their monster and get it cleaned up and respectable for the upcoming elections.
    I wonder how many true believers will get tossed under the bus?

  2. History repeats itself repeated.



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