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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Forget: Dennis Daugaard Speaks to Madison Glenn Beck Club Tonight!

Uh oh! Looks like the Daugaard camp might have forgotten they have a date with the Glenn Beckers tonight. But the Madison 9-12 Project certainly hasn't: they bought a big ad in the Madison paper and everything to invite the public to their special meeting tonight to hear Dennis Daugaard's plan for seceding from the Union... oh, wait, that was Gordon Howie.

I heard a Madison resident expressing shock and horror that Daugaard was headlining a teabagger event. I reminded my neighbor that tonight's meeting is not a sole Daugaard event. Kristi Noem will be there... and she certainly hasn't forgotten! Noem has the Madison event up on her website. She mentions Daugaard will be there, too... an interesting combination of trying to ride on the coattails of the most mainstream Republican in the show while courting the votes of the wingnuttiest Glenn Beck watchers in East River.

The 9-12ers big ad in last week's MDL indicates they'll have at least four other candidates in attendance, all Republicans:
  • District 8 House candidate Patricia Stricherz
  • Lake County sheriff candidate Dan Wyatt (O.K., he's running Independent, but he's run as a Republican previously. Then again, as a self-professed "Christian Conservative" who is involved in a "personal relationship" and raising four kids outside of wedlock, maybe he's more independent than we think!)
  • Secretary of State candidate Jason Gant
  • Commissioner of School and Public Lands Jarrod Johnson (no, not the singer)
Could be a long meeting. Good thing organizer Jason Bjorklund is serving BBQs!

All kidding aside, let me again give due props to the 9-12 Project. They may be absolutely wrong on a number of their political positions, but in the past few months, they have held more free events to give more candidates a chance to speak to the public than either of our sleepy county political parties.

But I wonder: have the 9-12ers invited any Dems yet? Would any Dems accept? Maybe the 9-12ers could surprise us all and bring some big-name debates to Madison after the primary!

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