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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teabaggers Rejoice! No Bailout for Flooded Homes!

The South Dakota Office of Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have determined that "flood damage to homes in South Dakota is not severe enough to warrant federal aid for individual property owners."

Hooray for limited government! Who needs that government money sapping our souls "under the guise of assistance and compassion" ... right, R. Blake? right?

Update 09:19 CDT:
R. Blake, see Michael Woodring for your articulate response.


  1. I can do a dance if you really like, just to display my lack of hypocrisy. I think instead of complaining about the lack of federal bailout for your own area, you show some thanks for your area not being hit as hard as Tennessee. Recognize the greater need being addressed in other states. Then after learning humility look for a charitable fund that I'm sure is helping and donate.

  2. Roger, you're hearing things again. I'm not complaining. If the damage isn't bad enough to meet the criteria for federal assistance, there shouldn't be federal assistance. I just want to hear R. Blake Curd say so to the voters.

  3. I kinda figured ol Roger would be doing some dancing :' ).
    Cory Your right it would be interesting to see RBC's response. Would he stand by his convictions or pander and waffle. I am not holding my breath on anyone asking him and I am sure his campaign will ignore this story altogether. After all it is slogans and talking points that get the votes, not speaking about actual issues that the job he is seeking has influence over.


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