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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Poll: Following $127K for East River, Who Gets Madison's Next Big Subsidy?

KJAM reports that the City of Madison has agreed to subsidize East River Electric's improvements on South Harth Avenue, a block east of Main Street. From the numbers I read, the city (i.e., you and I) will pay $127K to cover the cost of drainage, parking, and streetscaping. You'll pay the other half in your electric bill. ;-)

The city's largesse toward East River, following similar generosity toward ICAP, Rosebud, and James River Equipment, leads us to this week's Madville Times poll: who's next in line for a City of Madison subsidy? You and I can probably think of dozens of projects we could spend our tax dollars on; alas, there's only so much room in the sidebar. So here are your five choices for this poll:
  • Restoring Masonic temple
  • Renovating downtown storefronts
  • Paving gravel streets
  • Building wind turbines
  • Reducing utility rates
Click your favorite project in the right sidebar, and let's see what the general sentiment is. And if I've left off your preferred use for our city tax dollars, drop your suggestion here in the comment section.

This is a quick poll: voting is open for just two days, until breakfast Thursday. So spread the word and get your neighbors to vote! Out-of-towners, you pay sales tax and drive our streets, too, so your votes are welcome. Then tune in Thursday for the results!


  1. Isn't this redistribution of wealth? Corporate welfare? Where are the local Tea Baggers? When it comes down to it, are they just gutless wonders? It's easy to pontificate and complain about national issues, but they don't apply the same rules in our back yard. Let's sell ICAP city property for $200,000 less than the contract price without pause or an open market. Let's subsidize housing improvements for the privileged. Let's give an established business another handout. Guess who pays?

  2. Exactly, John! That's what I've been waiting to hear from the Tea Party. If they were serious, they'd be storming City Hall and raising a ruckus right here and now rather than doing the Glenn Beck karaoke. But Glenn beck doesn't make speeches about Madison City Hall or local pork, so they have a hard time putting their own thoughts together about local issues.


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