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Friday, June 4, 2010

R. Blake Curd Ad Chock Full o' Bull

Dakota War College touts R. Blake Curd's latest ad as possibly the best Congressional campaign ad yet. I sleep off the headache Dr. Curd causes, then break out the B.S. flags. Let's go to the screen caps:

"Only Blake Curd opposed a state budget that counted on Obama's stimulus bill."

Funny. R. Blake did cast an easy symbolic vote against the 2010 budget... right along with liberal Democrats like my Catholic socialist neighbor Gerald Lange. However, this year he happily voted for SB 49, which amended the 2010 budget to include even more federal money. More importantly, he voted for this year's budget, SB 196, which relies on stimulus money just like last year's.

"Only Blake Curd signed the 'Repeal It!' pledge to get rid of Obamacare."

Wait: does he mean this Repeal It! pledge sponsored by the Club for Growth? I check the RepealIt.org list and can't find R. Blake's name anywhere. Maybe he printed a copy, signed it, and put it in his file cabinet.

By the way, did R. Blake not get the memo from Mark Critz in Pennsylvania pointing out that running against Obama instead of on local issues isn't a winning strategy? Did he also ignore the polling data that says health care obstructionism is losing steam as a campaign issue?

But sure, R. Blake, go ahead, make yourself sound more like Gordon Howie and Michele Bachmann. See how far that gets you.

"...and he's pledged to oppose higher taxes."

Oops! R. Blake's spokeslady forgot to say only! Chris Nelson and Kristi Noem say the same old tropes about high taxes as R. Blake. And that tax pledge the ad flashes on the screen? R. Blake doesn't even understand what the document he signed really says.

And our phony closing image: R. Blake standing in his freshly purchased Carhartts in front of a grain elevator, since he's such a down-on-the-farm, working-class guy.

If Mark Twain were alive, he'd tell us there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and R. Blake Curd campaign ads.


  1. Twain would be proud! Nice work on the bit about the house for sale.

  2. That Carhartt, blue jean, farmboy by the small town elevator image really screams phony. If anything it makes Curd come off as some sort of snake oil salesman. And maybe he is.


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