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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kristi Noem Can't Stop Lying: Repeats Inaccurate GOA Rating

Kristi Noem lies about Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's rating from Gun Owners of AmericaSee that skinny image to the right? It's a lengthy Facebook conversation from Kristi Noem's page on the social networking site. Click on it to read the text.

The conversation began with an individual who asked why GOP candidate for U.S. House Kristi Noem had claimed to have the NRA endorsement when really the NRA has endorsed Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Now as we have discussed here, that statement isn't technically accurate: the infamous Noem guns flyer never uses the exact words, "The NRA endorses Kristi Noem" (although her Teabagger backers from Texas do spread that lie) but it uses the NRA logo twice and commits marketing tricks of omission and false comparison to deliberately create the impression among casual readers that the NRA backs Noem. The verbal and visual trickery is sufficiently obvious that my conservative counterpart Mr. Sanborn recognizes it as "intentionally published to mislead."

The Noem Guns flyer also incorrectly lists SHS's rating from the Gun Owners of America as a D rather than a B-. Even if I generously excused this false statement as shoddy, wishful research, it remains false, and should be corrected by the Noem campaign.

Yet with the B.S. flag thrown quite visibly in the South Dakota online press, Noem keeps saying what she now knows is wrong. As documented by these Facebook screen captures from about 14:30 CDT Friday afternoon, October 22, 2010, Kristi Noem writes the following lie:

Just to clarify, our mailer highlighted my A-rating with the NRA and Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin's D from GOA and her support for F-rated Nancy Pelosi. All those ratings are a matter of public record.

You can click on the skinny image above to see the full conversation as of Friday mid-afternoon; below is the Noem comment in question:

Close up from Facebook conversation of Kristi Noem lying about Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's Gun Owners of America rating.
My friend John Hess wonders why I spend so much time supporting Herseth Sandlin. John, it's not so much that I want to be on the SHS bandwagon. She's still too much of a Blue Dog for me. Give me a Weiland Wildcat in 2012, and I'm there.

But I have yet to catch Stephanie Herseth Sandlin lying to me or to the public. Stephanie and I have differing opinions, but we can agree on facts. Kristi Noem is lying to me and to all of my fellow South Dakotans. Kristi Noem's disrespect for plain, simple truth disgusts and alarms me. We must not allow any person willing to commit such willful deception to become our lone voice in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Editor's Note: The long Facebook screenshot is several screen caps spliced together. I have omitted none of the comments and edited none of the text that was present at the time I copied the page.


  1. Noem's flyer is completely accurate in everything it says with one exception, and Noem's people may not have known that one exception was incorrect.

    Around the end of September, someone sent me a link to GOA with a page that showed Herseth Sandlin with a D rating (http://gunowners.org/111hrat.htm). I just went back and they have now changed it to a B-. So they must have made an error with the D rating and fixed it.

    Noem's people should probably let it be known that they used information they believed to be correct, but which has since been corrected by GOA.

    In the end, though, it won't change much. Herseth Sandlin still belongs to an elitist party that thinks Americans can't be trusted with Guns, and she supports a Speaker who thinks the same thing.

    The lot of these elitists must go.

  2. Hey, Bob. The Koch Brothers are as elitist as any political contributors in this election cycle especially as they prop up your little toilet.


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