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Monday, August 17, 2009

What Recession? Madison DQ Sets New Blizzard Sales Record

There was no recession in Madison on Miracle Treat Day: KJAM reports that the Madison Dairy Queen sold 18,017 Blizzards to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. For perspeective, the Portage la Prairie DQ, in a Canadian town twice Madison's size west of Winnipeg, sold 637 Blizzards last Thursday.

That's the fourth straight year of record-breaking sales and, quite likely, the best Miracle Treat Day performance in the nation. Congrats to DeLon Mork, Lana Zillgitt, and the whole MDQ crew on a job well done!

Madison Dairy Queen Blizzard Sales, by year:


  1. Some people are natural promoters. Mork is the best thing the LAIC has going for us.

  2. According to last night's Madison Daily Leader, DeLon is being honored by the SD Association of Fund Raising Professionals as the best philanthropic businessman in the state. Pretty cool!

  3. Jackrabit1, I'm guessing you made a wager you shouldn't have made about the outcome of the Blizzard tally?

    We're so fortunate to have such a strong community supporter such as DeLon and his staff who work so hard to promote and raise money for the kids who need it most.

    He and his staff deserve all the praise and Madison deserves another big pat on the back for being such a caring community.


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