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Thursday, June 24, 2010

PUC Johnson Reads Blog, Gives Qwest What-For

South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner Dusty Johnson
My blog just earned its pay for the month... and so did Dusty Johnson!

Yesterday morning I vented about Qwest's inability or unwillingness to fix the midnight phantom ring on my phone. Yesterday afternoon, the phone rang. It was no phantom: it was Public Utilities Commissioner Dusty Johnson. I was out, but Commissioner Johnson told my wife the PUC had contacted Qwest and asked them to discontinue the test line to my house.

My wife and I stayed up late last night. No phantom ring.

One night is not proof—we've called Qwest previously, gotten assurances, then had the phantom rings return weeks or months later—but I called the PUC back this morning to thank Commissioner Johnson. That the Commissioner would take this action, without my even contacting him directly, demonstrates a sincere commitment to listening to and serving the public.

I'll still be voting Saturday to nominate John Zaiko (if he's still in!) to run against Dusty Johnson for PUC. But for now... keep up the good work, Dusty.


  1. Matt wants to win the lottery... Matt wants to win the lottery.... Matt wants to win the lottery...

    Sorry, thought it couldn't hurt! ;)

  2. This is a central office issue. Some of the older slc cabinets need to be manually turned by a central office technician so the ring will not be heard.

    The PUC call probably lit a fire under the right person.

  3. I would think a central office issue would be easier to solve than issues down the line. Just send in Thad or some other skilled techie, have him turn the knob (switch? button?), and while he's at it, turn everyone else's. Is this fix a complicated procedure?


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